Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties:
A Comprehensive Approach to the Possibilities

Author: Timothy Yohe
Publisher: Amazon CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1-5173269-8-2
Price: $8.99
Page Count/Binding: 106 page Paperback; also in Kindle Ebook
Available through: Amazon

Book Description
The idea that limestone rock has an ability to absorb and release electromagnetic and psychic energies has been a sweeping assumption by many paranormal investigators due to its prevalence on very haunted sites. Parapsychologists throughout history have made assertions and theories like Thomas Charles Lethbridge’s Stone Tape Theory which have been presented to explain this phenomenon. All of these attempts have carried little definitive scientific merit. Finally, this book has been written as a starting point for scientific answers to the questions of how exactly limestone can exhibit paranormal properties. Inside you will find information never shared before… a bridge between science and the paranormal world that begins with the creation of Earth and ends with our current quantum theories.

Author Bio
Timothy Yohe is an author, researcher, freelance writer, paranormal investigator, and aspiring Middle School Science teacher. His publications cover a wide range of genres and subject material. Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties is his first book.

Currently he is working on his first fiction novel entitled: A Haunting in Eden Meadows. It is a paranormal historical fiction story revealing the highlights and tragedies of the 1920’s and portraying life, in shocking detail, of tuberculosis sanatoria.

His second non-fiction book is currently in its research phase and focuses on the subject of pregnancy and the paranormal. This book is inspired by the loss of his daughter, Hannah, who died in the womb.


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